Square chair project … continued

Square chair project … continued

So previously, we showed you a chair we found online, and made some changes to. We called it a “square chair” because f it’s boxy look, but it is actually a casual look as well.

Naturally, we couldn’t leave well enough alone with it with those changes. Even though it was better, it still wasn’t quite what we wanted.

Square chair version 3
Square chair version 3

The main issue was the back; it still wasn’t quite tall enough, and was sitting too upright.

So, out came the screw gun and the mitre saw and the tape measure and all that stuff. We basically had to reconstruct the back of the chair, so most of it came apart and went into a pile while we mulled over a plan to rebuild and make it more comfortable.

A few more pieces of lumber, some cutting and measuring and recutting and fitting and …. ok, you get the idea.

Square chair version 4 ( yes, 4! )

Now we’re cooking. The raised back, as well as some angle, and it feels really nice to sit in. This may very well become part of a porch set, with a matching love seat and coffee table.

Mom in the square chair

Even Mom likes it, so I think we might be on to something.

Let us know what you think.